Paid Advertising

Paid advertising complements a website’s search engine optimisation efforts. It helps a website gain traffic from:
– High competition keywords that are not easy to target in SEO (PPC or pay-per-click advertising)
– Advertising on relevant websites through banners and text ads.
Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter Yahoo! Search Marketing and Google Adsense are the leading platforms for PPC. Besides these there exist opportunities like media buy (eg:Adbrite) and pay per view.

VenturesSky has expertise in setting up and managing large online advertising campaigns. An effective PPC campaign involves:
– Identification of the right keywords through in-depth keyword analysis
– Crafting catchy ad text
– Creating the right number of quality landing pages.
– Smart bidding for keywords
– Continuous optimisation by refining the keyword list, split testing ads and landing pages.
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