“Our services broadly fall under the following heads”

Web designing

We offer cost-effective web designing solutions without compromising on quality. Ourstand-out designs are original and search-engine-friendly and above all, they meet the exact requirements of the clients. From concept to completion, you’ll find us to be thorough in our work.

Web applications development

From a simple script that tracks and sends visitor information to you by email to an application with any level of complexity, we can handle it all. Our expertise in web applications development will make it easier for you to transform your ideas into reality.


We have in-depth experience in setting up and running multi-product e-commerce sites complete with shopping carts, payment gateways and even automatic product updating.

Search Engine Optimisation

In-depth competitor analysis, detailed keyword research and creation of excellent content form the cornerstone of our SEO strategy. Our unique pay-for-performance pricing makes it easier for businesses to try our service risk-free. And that’s not all. We keep our methods fair and transparent- always!

Online advertising (PPC, PPV, Banner ads)

The online market place is extremely competitive. A smart online marketer complements his SEO efforts with paid advertising on online channels. Such businesses can greatly benefit from our end-to-end online marketing solutions. Typical online advertising platforms include Google Adwords, Googe Adsense, MSN Adcenter, Facebook Ads and Yahoo! Search Marketing. VenturesSky has set up and managed advertising campaigns on all these platforms.

Conversion Optimisation

Creating a website and driving traffic to it is only half the job done. Conversion optimisation is a continuous process that seeks to enhance relevant traffic and maximise the returns from it. Web analytics, auto responders, surveys and sales funnels form part of our conversion optimisation offerings.

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